X8 Interactive Drumming brings the power of rhythm to corporate team building initiatives, school programs and community events.

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Corporate Team Building

  • X8 interactive drumming programs put that spark of winning energy into your organization!
  • With the phenomenal power of interactive team building using drums and percussion, you can reignite organizational spirit in just 60 minutes!

School Drumming Programs

  • What happens when young people become the drummers? Asset Building. Prevention Skills. Character Building.
  • Using brilliantly designed interactive rhythm programs, we build leaders, inspire learners, promote synergy, and create opportunities to engage young people!

Youth Development

  • There’s proven science behind our interactive drumming programs for youth development.
  • Our rhythm program creates a context for totally engaging learning, meeting a wide cross section of learner needs.

Community Drumming

  • X8 Interactive Drumming Community Jams: interactive drumming that unites exhilarating music making with the power of community.
  • Thrilling drum circles are guaranteed to bring excitement, laughter, joy, and total satisfaction – to everyone!

The Twister Drum for Schools & Facilitators

Twister Drum by X8 Drums

The new Twister Drum was designed by rhythm facilitator Kenya Masala to meet the needs of drum circle facilitators, music therapists, classroom teachers, community groups and corporate team building organizers. Find out more!